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Planning on getting nipple piercings and need advice.?

Im supposed to be getting my nipples pierced soon but i have a few concerns…. Is it ok to use oils of any kind to help lubricate the piercing? Is there anything I can use to temporarily protect my piercing from pool water? (Im a lifeguard, but i RARELY have to do saves) Should I [...]

What are the safest hip piercing techniques, and what do they involve?

I’m considering getting my hips pierced, but since their is a high rejection rate, I’d like to see which piercing techniques have the lowest risk rate. I know microdermals only have a 2% rejection rate, but what does microdermal mean? and what are the other techniques they use to pierce hips? Also, I want to [...]

Sometimes I have moments were i feel depressed?

I overheard my parents talking and heard that my dad hates me or doesn’t like what i’m becoming. I’m 22 and drink on occasion and go out w/ my friends. I also got my ear pierced. I had my 1st gf when i was 20 and thought i was in love and had sex. After [...]

Can someone please help me?

I have had an extreme case of low self esteem since I was in 3rd grade. I had a crush on this guy named pierce in 3rd grade and I would always follow him around and try to talk to him. Then he started calling me fat and saying I was ugly. From then on [...]

if you use orajel after getting your tongue pierced will the swelling go down?

I want to get my tongue pierced, I’m not afraid of the pain or anything, It’s just I don’t want my tongue to swell up because I want to be able to hide it. I know if you use it before the piercer will not let you get it pierced. Will you be able to [...]

What is the gauge size of a normal ear lobe piercing?

I’m going to gauge my ears just a few sizes and was just wondering what the size of a normal ear piercing is, like ones you’d get done from…claires or whatnot..when you’re a baby ya know. (i get mine done with needles not guns just so you all know) Thanks.

What is the best piercing for chubby girls?

Ok so I’m alittle chubby and 17 years of age. My hair is black and shoulder length, and my eyes are brown. I am wanting to know what would be the cutest piercing for me. I already had my monroe and it was quite cute, but what else would look cute on a girl like [...]

What do you think hurts more a tattoo or piercing?

I’m just getting opinions and my choice would be a piercing. I had my chest tattooed and lip pierced in the same day and my lip piercing hurts sooo bad (it’s been like 3 days). As far as my chest goes I had them tattooed skimming the line of my collar bone and getting that [...]

Can my ear piercing hole still heal if I clean it once a day?

Could my ear piercing hole still heal if I only clean it once a day? Its supposed to heal in 2 days. &&I dont want to take the earrings out &&get it closed.Help? &&I didnt know which catagory to pick.

How long should your 2nd ear piercing stay in?

I got my second ear piercing on the 29th…i was wondering if anyone knew how long it should really stay in because unfortunately the man who gave me the piercing was a jerk and then gave me the wrong paper for care of piercings…my mom says that i should be able to take it out [...]