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tragus eye brow eye brow surface. lip rook industrial tongue belly button belly button multiple times. dermals beside your eyes. nose septum monroe chest surface piercings. hip piercings. double tongue piercings. vertical. double tongue piercings. horizontal. collar bone surface piercing. neck surface piercing. etc. if you can think of any other. I am interested. I [...]

Is it appropriate for a father to pierce the ears of his daughter with an ear piercing instrument bought at a?

Is it appropriate for a father to pierce the ears of his daughter with an ear piercing instrument bought at a store? He has never don in before but has read the instructions and knows what he is doing.

Read this short passage I wrote?

I was being watched. There were so many places for them to hide, moving so gracefully in between the trees, behind the cars, in them even. And I felt so sure, so sure that something was coming. And nothing did. With each second that past I was growing more certain that the next was to [...]

Feedback on a excerpt from a memoir I am writing please?

Lately I’ve just been writing out different events from the past year… I’m a Junior in high school and it’s been a weird one… Just wondering if anyone was willing to read one. There are a lot but I’m more confused as to how to work with this (c) 1. (there was a drug bust [...]

painful piercings?

what is the most painfull piercing… not including genital piercings? what about nipples or lips ???

im 13 and i went to get a surface tongue pericing?

and i went to get a lip one but idk watto get a surface tongue piercing or a lip pericin im gettin the one that is a sureface tongue piercing it have to 2 balls in top of ur tongue nd ppl say it better then the orginal tongue piericng

Poll: Is the middle part of my story rushed (read only if you have enough time)?

Middle part They both hear Bethany’s muffled words on their phones. It sounded like she was trying to say “He has a gun”. Shaking, Brianna asked “Who are you and why are you doing this?” In an extremely piercing and bloodcurdling voice, the stranger silently announced “Lets just say my name is Michael. Good bye……For [...]

Would changing my lip stud to a latex stud effect my boyfriend?

I got my philtrum (medusa/top lip) pierced recently, and it’s almost time to get a new stud. My mom is petitioning a latex bar, and I was totally cool with that until I remembered that my boyfriend is allergic to latex. If I were to get this latex bar, would it be the end of [...]

How fast will my nose piercing close up?

I have had my nose pierced for almost 6 years. I keep getting those annoying bumps beside the piercing and they come and go. A few days ago I had a really big one develop and I got scared and took the piercing out. It has been out for almost 1 full day now. How [...]

Do women like male genital piercings? I would like answers from those with experience, and those without.?

I recently had my penis pierced (on a whim) and can laugh about it afterward. I’ve had mixed reactions to it – and I don’t know which reaction is genuine. I would love to know what women think (since this is anonymous). Those of you that have experienced this – your thoughts? Those of you [...]