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How much dose an Industrial ear piercing cost?

I was just wondering, because I would like one so I want to know how much an Industrial ear piercing cost?

Just wrote this! whats ur opinion?

I’m trying to sound trightening and scared, yet that makes it even more impossible – My fingernails dug into my sweaty clenched palms in fear, the thick scarlet blood slowly began to wrap around my white bare wrists and trickle down the length of my arm; the contrast clearly defined. The cold moisture against the [...]

question about piercing?

im planning on getting a surface piercing & i wanted to know how to get it like i don’t want it to reject so do i get it with the punch & taper method or what? do i use plastic or titanium jewelry or plain steel? curved or straight bar ? im new to piercings [...]

Survey. which one would you perfer?

1) milk or water? 2) cheese or ham? 3) yogurt or ice cream? 4) coffee or hot chocolate? 5) tongue piercing or lip piercing? 6) nipple piercing or genital piercings? 7) thick or skinny? alive or dead? 9) insects or animals? 10) run or walk? 11) spaceship or airplane? 12) aliens or stuffed animals? 13) [...]

is this chapter one of my novel allright?

Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: For thereby some have entertained angels unawares. -King James Bible Hebrews 13:1-2 For when Death in all its ferocity has arrived on the scene, No bargaining can ward him off, no gifts, and no attempt at Sowing dissension, no force of arms, and no restraint. -anonymous [...]

Is it okay if a baby get another ear piercing?

My baby cousin is 19 months. She has her 1st ear piecing after she was born. Is it alright if she gets another ear piercing? She has a double piercing…Is it okay?

Hip surface piercings?

I’m planing on getting my hips pierced and i heard that Microdermals are better…. but i dont know what they are? can someone tell explain to me what they are and how they look like and would they also work on rib piercing? and does any peircing parlor do this? how painful is it? and [...]

have you done this?(survey)?

just copy and paste the questions and put an X next to the ones you’ve done 1. boy or girl? 2. age? [ ] slept during class [ ] skipped class [ ] skipped school [ ] cheated on a test [ ] copied someones work [ ] stolen from someone [ ] gotten below [...]

How to prevent stretch marks around your belly button piercing when your pregnant?

I’m planning on getting my Belly Button Pierced but heard that you can have permanent stretch marks around your belly button piercing when your pregnant or that your Belly Button Piercing can get stretched out and won’t go back to normal. Is this true and how can I prevent this? By the way I’m not [...]

Help with the constant vocalizations of my 6mo Dachshund puppy?

So, a lot of you here know I am studying to become a dog behaviorist, and that is why I spend a lot of time here. In this case, I don’t know what to do. Experienced people with this behavior issue can hopefully help guide me in what I’ve been doing wrong. I will not [...]