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what are the risks of leaving body jewlery on during a surgery?

I have a dermal anchor in my chest and a surface piercing on my neck. I can’t take them out and I’m getting my tonsils removed, is it a very big risk?

all fluent french speakers i need your help?

ok so i have to do a 30 second presentation on a family member and its for my french oral which is 2morrow and i need to memorise it by then …. so basic info … i going to talk about my dad and hes passed away so it will be in the passed tense [...]

How much does it cost for an upper ear piercing at the electric chair in huntington?

Like with the earring and everything? Or how much did it cost for your upper ear piercing? and Where did you go? p.s did it hurt?

How likely is a second piercing to get infected?

I’ve had my ears pierced since I was five and never had any problems with them (no allergies, infections, nothing). Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a second piercing in one ear, but I’m a wimp and am worried about it getting infected. Is that likely? I also heard that one piercing [...]

what do you think about ???

guys do you like when girls get their genitals pierced?

What would happen if i repierced my keloid?

I have a keloid on my stomach from a surface piercing, i want to repierce the area of the keloid.What would happen if I do ? Would it become bigger or nothing will happen?

Teen writer: Do I have what it takes?

Here’s a little part from my novel, The Witch’s Knight “…In the cafeteria lunch line, a new pair of eyes looked forward, adoring a light baby blue shade; a gaze I couldn’t recognize, which was awfully unusual in a place like Willowsmen. In a small town where everyone knew each other, there simply never was [...]

Horizontal lip piercing?

I want a new piercing, and I’ve decided on the horizontal labret piercing… or if I have to, a vertical labret. I’ve heard it’s a surface piercing? Do they usually reject? Where could I get a retainer for it?

Is Tounge Pierced Really Better During . . .?

oral sex ? Just out of curiosity because I have read it is really bad for your teeth, and tounge