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Female Genital Piercings?!?

I really want to get my clit pierced but im sooo scared of the pain. . .I already have 10 piercings (including tongue, nipple, tragus, conch, lip). Can anyone give me any advice and possibly how much pain compared to my other piercings.

How to ask my parents for a second ear piercing?

I really want a second ear piercing but i dont no how to ask my parents or what to do if they say no. and if they say yes, where should i go? Any ideas?

genital piericing?

i was wondering if I were to pierce the piece of skin that connects the penis and scrotum the area where you can stretch the scrotum and still touch the penis I was wondering if there was a nerve or blood vessel that might get damaged.

colonial american literature?

Native Americans preserved and passed on their stories primarily by A) writing them down in books B) creating stage plays C) oral storytelling and drawings D) painting elaborate and sophisticated pictures Question 2 (1 point)Save As a preacher, Edwards uses his sermon to a) frighten his congregation into seizing the opportunity of salvation. b) rouse [...]

what’s the name of this piercing?

It’s between your waist and above your leg area it’s a surface piercing plz help me find the name of it.

can someone tell me if the first chapter of my book is ok?

hey, i need some help. im 14 and this is my first novel. so far i have done 35 pages of it, but im not sure how it sounds from someone elses oppinion. if you could give me your thoughts, it would be much appreciated. this is the first chapter, it looks long, but it [...]

How much will it cost to fix my teeth?

On my upper left side, my incisor came in late. However, there was no space between my central incisor and my left premolar – so the incisor came in sharp and abnormally above my gums and projects slightly forward. So if I press against my upper lip, I can feel the point of the tooth [...]

How can you tell if a cartilage piercing is infected?

I had recently gotten a cartilage piercing yesterday and i have started noticing to day there is a bump on the back of my ear where the back piercing is at so im nervous wondering if its infected i haven’t noticed any pus that’s yellow or foul smelling but it only hurts if i touch [...]


does anyone have their genitals done?? if you do which ones and your experience maybe?

Wisdom teeth questions?

I am 15, and I do not have my wisdom teeth yet. I have perfect tooth and oral health. One of my friends has already had hers cut out and another’s are growing in (they are 15, too). My boyfriend is 17 and still hasn’t grown his in. I know you get them in your [...]