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what type of piercing is this?

i was looking up tragus piercings and this picture came up and i really like it…bu i don think its tragus it looks more like a surface piercing….which one is it http://media.photobucket.com/image/surface%20tragus/BigRod621/My%20Piercings/verticaltragus1.jpg?o=7

Is it safe to stretch my ear piercing if I have another one very close?

I was going to start stretching my bottom ear lobe piercing, but then my friend pointed out that I have another hole right next to it, and if I stretch it then it might rip the 2 into one? Will this happen? (To give you an idea, I can wear plain standard studs in both [...]

What would u rather get if it was a life and death situation?

a tattoo on your forhead or pierce you genitals..hahahah both r bad

Is my piercing rejecting?

I have a surface piercing and I know they have a reputation of rejection. One of the balls recently fell off and right when I noticed it was gone that side was swollen and red. It went down a little after putting ice on it, but even since I got it pierced there’s been a [...]

Feedback on an excerpt from a book I’m writing please? (Explicit)?

1. (there was a drug bust at my school… this is true. dont ask me how haha) I was sitting in Odyssey, day dreaming about Beezoo, when the principle, Mr. Anderson, suddenly came on the announcements. Every time he came on the announcements, it was bad news; ‘Who left a dead raccoon in the boys [...]

my collar bone piercing is bleeding?

i got a collar bone surface piercing done early today and now every time i lay down it bleeds a lot is this normal and what should i do about it?

Whats the youngest a child should get a second ear piercing?

My daughter is 5 years old and wants to get a second ear piercing. I know it’s because I have two ear piercing in my ears. To me though it seems a little young, I told her maybe on her 6th birthday. I know kids these days are getting younger and younger to do everything [...]

How long does it take for a belly button piercing to close up?

I had my belly button pierced for 3 months but the piercing isnt positioned correctly and it just doesnt look right so I’m planning on letting it heal over so I can have it redone. How long should I wait to have it re pierced?

I need a totally wild and unique name for a character in the book I’m writing. Any ideas?

I have a wild female character in a book who still needs a name. She has long white hair, piercing icy blue eyes, and can change into a white dragon. I need a really wild name for her, specifically something to do with winter. I suppose a name that has something to do with plants, [...]

Im 14 and go to ALOT of raves..but why do my parents alway tell me not to touch or let guys touch me?

like thats the point of a rave, is to go dance with people. guys and girls. i went to caffeine lastnite and this guy that has d “scene” spikey hair, we madeout nd isat in his lap and he gave me a hickey on my boobs and biting my lipp. my parents would be SOO [...]