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Should I be worried? Breast Cancer?

Okay. For the past few weeks, I have been feeling a horrible piercing feeling in my right breast that feels as though someone is stabbing my directly through the center of my breast, bad enough that it took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. Both nipples have also been unusually sore (and [...]

Will an ear piercing still be visible if I let it heal?

Ok, so I want my ear pierced to see what it looks like, but my parents would freak. If I pierce it, then take it out after a few hours, will it heal over completely? I mean, will it heal so you can’t actually see anything, or will there always be a tiny surface hole? [...]

Body Piercings?

I’m a 17 year old girl and my mom’s taking me to get a piercing this Saturday. I already have my nose pierced and I can’t get a tongue piercing( I already have a bad lisp) Do you have any suggestions on what piercing to get; any advice on pain or healing? I’d really like [...]

Opinions on my short story?

This is my first short story, or first story in general. I wrote this for an English project at about 3 AM, fell asleep and than continued at it about 6 (bad time management skills? LOL). What do you think? We had to take ideas from the Hunger Games. Sunlight, painted golden, coats her eyelashes [...]

My mom won’t let me have a tongue ring?

I got my tongue pierced when i was 18 and i tried hiding it from my mom but two days after something made me laugh really hard and my little sister saw my tongue ring and my mom freaked out and cried saying that girls get it to give oral sex and that i was [...]

any piercers, or someone with piercing experience , please help!?

kay so on saterday i got an anti brow surface piercing, is it normal for it to be bruised around it, and also, one side seems to be heeled but the other side is kinda of red and a little swolen still, and hurts when i touch it. is all of this normal, or is [...]

How long do surface piercings last?

I know that your body rejects surface piercings. But, how long do they last untill they begin to reject. I want to get my wrist, hip, or neck pierced. Also, do you think snake bites or just one lip piercing looks better. And, for a nose piercing, is a ring or stud easier to heal. [...]

How can I convince my parents to let me get a second ear piercing?

I want 1 piercing behind my first one on my right ear. I’m 14. My parents are cool with almost anything. They let me die part of my hair pink, but they won’t let me get a new piercing. How can I convince them?

I need some cute piercing ideas, any suggestions anyone?

I’m trying to think of a small cute piercing that i can do myself. I’ve done my nose, tongue web, both cartiladge piercings, and regular ear piercings myself, but i want another one! I want something cute, but that can be hidden with clothes or hair for while i’m at work. I LOVE the idea [...]


okay so i took out my helix i know bad idea… but now im wanting more! i have double lobes…. BORING! i want something unusual… okay so i want a forward helix, vetical surface tragus and navel so far. considering: nose, tongue, monroe what piercing do u think i should get? ohh plus…. i dont [...]