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What Is Running a blog To You

There are such a lot of new-age terms floating round these days. This especially applies to the Internet. Many older individuals and even some youthful folks have bother keeping up with all of the modifications and nuances our high-tech world has to offer. If you had mentioned you had been going to check your e-mail [...]

How to clear up the APPEARANCE of scar tissue from past navel piercing?

I had my navel pierced once and I don’t want to get rid of the scar tissue yet because I might get it repierced one day. But I want to know how to get rid of the appearance on the surface.

How long must I wait?!

Ooook so I got snake-bites on the first. I had to take out the right one on the 13th because it was placed up to high and uneven. Well then on the 24th I had to take the other one out because it had cut into my lip really bad.  (I have really full lips) [...]

How can you remove an ear piercing?

I got a ear piercing about a year ago and it closed up. Now its just a useless black dot on my ear lobe. Is there ANY way to close it up completely?

What is your opinion on….?

Genital piercings. I know the question seems wierd but I have a huge interest in them and think their a great thing to get considering the extra sensations and pleasure you’ll receive from it. I’m just wondering what other people think about them Would you ever get your genitals pierced?

Could it be PCOS or something else?

I am a 24 year old woman, basically healthy but overweight. I have had 3 succesfull pregnancies all c-section, i have had my appendix out at 16 and I have had a tubal ligation about 5 months ago. Now that you know my basic health history on to my question. I was 280 lbs at [...]

ive got a serious sexual question. if your a virgin plz dont answer.?

i got my tongue pierced and i like to go down, right. when i got it pierced, he did it too far towards the tip. i have the choice of getting it repierced a little farther back, but for the girls who like oral, would it be better if i kept the barbell at the [...]

How bad does a belly button piercing and a cartilage piercing hurt?

I’m thinking about getting a belly button and cartilage piercing, but I have very low tolerance for pain. How bad does it hurt? Can you relate the amount of pain to another activity? Thx!

Is it possible to piercing with a real silver earring?

I am the 1st time ear piercing. I want to ear pierce with a real silver earring with screw-back. I do not want to use the fake jewelry . Normally , everyone ear piercing with a fake earring and wear it till the pierce heal. So , should i do like this.

Wisdom teeth and piercings.

Background info: I’m sixteen. I have my septum, tongue, and snakebites pierced. Septum and tongue are a year old and the snakebites are like 5 or 6 months old. My wisdom teeth are coming in. When I look I can see like little white things sticking out of my gums in the very back of [...]