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How long after ear piercing does it hurt baby?

i have a 3 month old baby and i want to get her ears pierced for a wedding i have tomorrow but i was wondering how long does it hurt after? and it would be without any numbing cream And I do not want to hear that I should wait to have my daughter decide. [...]

what does a tongue ring on a female do for a man?

I don’t understand the pleasure they would get out of it on their penis.. How do I use it on him??

which is more painful industrial or tongue?

im 15 and i got my industrial done for my birthday and it didn’t hurt at first but the swelling and sleeping on it hurt for about a week or two. i want to get my tongue pierced. im pretty good with handling pain i have my ears pierced three times on the bottoms of [...]

What are some good books like twilight?

I HAVE ASKED this question a million times………. I just ask to hopefully get more answers than I usually get. I finished the series.. and I really want to get some good books :]

How much does the VCH and Christina piercing hurt?

Thinking about getting both done but im a baby with pain plus ive been watching tooo many videos of people getting it done. Level of pain? Do you bleed? Are there any bad things about them? How is it after? Anything extra you think i should know?

How long do i need to wait so i can change my 2nd ear piercing?

I just got my 2nd ear piercing yesterday. How long do i have to clean my clean my ear, and when can i change the piercing?

what kind of piercing to get next?

i have my vertical hood piercing, my nipples, my belly and what else can i get that only my partner would get to see also that we would enjoy? i cant get my tongue pierced because of work

best way to clean and look after vertical tragus (surface piercing)?

i have just had my vertical tragus surface piercing and omg its so awesome i love it! but just wondering the best way to look after it and keep it clean

How do I hide a normal left ear piercing?

I am 13 going on 14, I have no piercings but my parents would say no from the moment i asked. I just want to get my left ear pierced and I live in toronto so how am i supposed to show the piercer I have parental permission?

Does anyone have an idustrial piercing in their ear?

I’m 14, and my mom says that I can get an industrial piercing in my ear for graduation. Does anyone have any information or tips, etc aboiut this piercing? It would help a lot. Thanks. ***industrial