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Can you change a straight bar to a surface bar?

I have my hip done with a straight bar, its really recent. I done it on May 28th. And i was wondering if I can change it to a surface bar or PFTE (unless thats the same) but yeah. Which one is better? And i know piercing it with a straight bar was a terrible [...]

What piercing would look..normal on my face (picture)?

I want a piercing. A facial piercing but i have no idea which one would look right on me maybe one of you piercing fans can help me http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2d8hlqh&s=4

Realistically, how bad are lip piercings for dental work?

I’ve wanted my lip pierced for a long time now. I recently had several teeth pulled, because of damage from a car accident 6 yrs ago. I’m missing 7 total now, all in the front. My dentist said all my other teeth are strong and healthy. I’ll be getting flippers soon, which are temporary false [...]

places to pierce that arent surface piercings?

I K N O W : piercing yourself is absolutely stupid. but i’m not denying im stupid, so on with it i’m not in to surface piercings, especially doing them myself – but are there any other places on the body (not the chest/genitals) that i can pierce – but arent surface piercings? i already [...]

How do i get the ball back in my piercing?

i have a hoop in my nose and i had to take the piercing out for a birthday present facial. now i can’t get the ball to clip back in because it is so small? any tips for now or the future??

Are these common misconceptions or what?

So, here’s a small list of common tattoo and piercing myths, just so all of you who have never had a tattoo/piercing know what’s what. I’ve been seeing a lot of scary answers on here, such as tattoos give birth defects–just not true, people. *Getting pierced w/ a piercing gun is safe–False *Getting a naval [...]

How old do I have to be to get my cheek pierced?

I’ve wanted dimple piercings for a while now, and I was wondering how old one has to be to get a surface piercing like dimples at a good shop (that detail is important, I don’t want the piercings so bad that I’d risk my health) without needing parental consent. That is in the United states. [...]

Help with unique facial piercings? 10 points?

I already have a monroe. I might be getting my anti eyebrow pierced. I was also looking into dahlia’s and venoms. I want a unique facial piercing idea, thaanks for your help ps. Don’t say any piercings that have to do with the ears.

does she like me?

So this new girl started at work and she discovered from another co-worker that i have my nipples pierced, she really wants to see them and she keeps doing the hand signal for oral on a girl(fingers in a v tounge inbetween). so what i am trying to figure out is if she is hitting [...]

guys and tongue rings!?

i was thinking about getting my tongue pierced and this girl im dating said it would b hot if i were to do it………but im having second thoughts ladies what do you think a guy with a tongue ring hot or not………the only reason im getting it is for oral anyway so… lol