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On a scale of 1-10, how bad does a lip ring piercing hurt ?

I’m 13 and in about a month when I turn 14 I want to get a lip ring piercing ! I want one really bed but I wanna know how much it hurts and how hard it is to take care of ! I have kinda a low pain tolerance, but like medium ? I [...]

Will this piercing heal after having it for a year?

My sister has had a Monroe for about a year now and wants to take it out, but she’s afraid that the hole won’t heal up over the summer before she goes back to school. But she has like 4 months or so. So ppl with experience please help!!

How long does it usually take for a bully piercing to heal?

I’ve had mine done for 7 months but it’s still quite raw on the inside.

My tounge ring is very sore how do i clean it?

I’ve had my tounge pierced for 5 yrs now and this is the sorest its ever been. i don`t really think its infected but to prevent an infection what should i clean it with?

how safe is a receiving a hand job from a stranger?

is it possible to catch any sort of diseases like herpes/ STD, HIV through a hand job? would a covered hand job with condom make it foolproof

How do you turn your ear piercing?

I just got my ears pierced today and I read on the manual thing that you’re supposed to rotate your piercing. Only one of my piercings can rotate freely but I think the other one might be too tight or something. I have no idea how to loosen it either. Any ideas?

Where should a male have a second ear piercing?

Is it truly fashionable for a man to wear ear rings or studs in both ears? I’ve had my left ear pierced for a long time but now my wife and kids are making suggestions that I should have my right one pierced as well. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

What would happen if I got my ears pierced with a piercing gun?

Well I wanna get my eats pierced for my 13th birthday. And I was thinking I would just go to Claire’s cause it’s low cost. I’ve seen all these things online saying piercing guns are bad. I told my mom and she told me when I was three i had my ears pierced by a [...]

How to clean my swollen helix piercing with no sea salt?

My helix piercing is swollen. It hurts. I have on sea salt right now.. do you know any other ways to clean it? I have been using alcohol rub. But is there anything else that will heal my piercing? Please help.. I need it. Thanks. And I got my piercing just about 1 or 2 [...]