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piercings…sea salt on my ears? ASAP?

ok, i just pierced my ear about a week ago(double on top), i know u use sea salt 4 oral piercings, but can i use it on my ears instead of the antiseptic stuff Ive been using from walmart? sorry…im kinda dumb Thank You

are there any dangers of genital piercings?

PLEASE dont leave answers questioning why i want a peircing down there, im asking if there are risks NOT for your opinion!! first off, i want my SCROTUM pierced, not a prince albert or anything like that on the shaft. 1.is there increased risk of infection? 2.is there other complications if there is an infection? [...]

what’s the best way to let a piercing heal over safely when you’ve taken it out ?

my nose piercing has closed up at the surface where i had to take it out for work, and there is no way to get a stud back into it, should i just leave it to heal by itself, of do i need some sort of special cleaning regime ? mannn, it’s depressing, i loved [...]

whats a cool piercing to get that isnt a facial one?

lol i already got my industrial and tragus plus my tongue septum smiley i was thinkin nipple:P

Ear piercing :) ?

I have just brought one of these for my tragus(ear) piercing…http://www.razorbladeproducts.com/xcart/files/images/RTH-14-all.jpg But the problem is I have no idea how to open the ball. It just wont budge! Any ideas? thanks alot

Is it possible for a tongue piercing to close up during the day?

I’m getting my tongue pierced within the next week, and I’m going back to school in about four weeks, so I was wondering if it’s possible for the piercing to close up during the day at school if I take it out? Or will I just have to use a retainer? Thanks.

I want to get another piercing, but where…?

I’ve been planning on getting another piercing for my seventeenth birthday, but I’m not sure what. I already have first and second holes, belly button, an industrial, and my nose pierced. I’d prefer not to get something on my face (so I can get a job… Unless it’s something like a septum, which can be [...]

What type of piercing should I get?

Not looking for compliments or anything, but I am curious about which type of facial piercing would look the best. I’m 19, so please no yelling about how I’m too young to post pictures lol. It annoys the crap out of me. http://i38.tinypic.com/2qdzwk0.jpg http://i37.tinypic.com/2nc3ql4.jpg I’ll pic a best answer <3 deleted my myspace :[

hi piercings on a guy?

hi im 18 year old STRAIGHT guy, and i have my tongue pierced. i like it and think its wat ever. i heard girls like it for oral, but i wanna no every1′s opinon about guys w/ tongue rings oh btw i have a black barbelll, if that makes difference yeah im not trashy, im [...]

Types of piercings and how much do they hurt?

I already have both of ears covered in piercings.. thinking of whether to get; nose piercing? bottom lip piercing(middle)? defo not belly button or eyebrow or the genital places.. can’t decide..