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How painful is a belly piercing compared to other body piercings?

I’ma get my belly pierced soon, and i was wondering how painful that was compared to other piercings. I only have my eyebrow and one piercing on each ear done though. And does numbing it make a big difference? **My eyebrow piercing didn’t really hurt.

How bad does a cartilage piercing in your upper ear hurt?

How bad does a cartilage piercing in your upper ear hurt? I want to get one of those bars that connect two cartilage piercings and I actually have my nose pierced and my ears triple pierced which didn’t hurt at all but I’ve heard mixed stories about cartilage piercings. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Is it bad to change a nostril piercing after it is first pierced?

I pierced my nose with a piercing earring and I am afraid it might fall out, or something along those lines. And i have other nose rings, but should i risk taking the piercing earring out to change it?

Whats the difference between cartilege piercing and Industrial piercing?

Okay well i know obviously the industrial piercing has two holes, but if i already have a cartilege piercing, cant i just get the other hole piercied and then put in one of the industrial bar type earrings? I may sound stupid because i really dont know what im talking about but yeah. Just give [...]

How long after a cartilage piercing heals do you have to wait before getting a second one?

I got a cartilage piercing five weeks ago but it takes 8-12 weeks to heal.After these 8-12 weeks are up, how long do I have to wait before getting a second cartilage piercing?? I love my cartilage piercing so much that I want another one.

Are teachers within their rights to make you take a facial piercing out?

If your facial piercing is not healed in time for school, are the teachers actually allowed to force you to remove it? Would a letter from a parent help?

What would be a suitable piercing for a 13 year old?

Im a 13 year old girl and I want another piercing. I already have my ear pierced on both ears once, and my cartilage pierced.

How bad does a Monroe lip piercing hurt compared to a cartilage ear piercing? More or less?

I’m interested in getting the Monroe piercing but I’m afraid it will hurt too bad. I have 2 cartilage piercings & they didn’t hurt, just stung. I just want to know what the pain of getting it pierced is compared to the cartilage piercing.

What hurts more a belly button piercing or a cartilage piercing?

I already have a belly button piercing, and I want a cartilage piercing but am unsure because of the pain level. Does a cartilage hurt more or less than a belly button piercing? Or maybe the same?

How much does a genital piercing cost,and how much should I tip?

I don’t have any tattoos or any other piercings, so I’m not sure how to go about pricing and tipping. What’s the average cost for a vertical hood piercing and a simple barbell? Would it be considered rude to put the piercing on a credit or debit card? How much should I leave as a [...]