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How much does a typical facial piercing cost?

I went to this place in GA and they can do any facial piercing (tongue, lip, eyebrow, etc..) for $25.. Is that a good price?

What would you say is the most unattractive facial piercing?

I really don’t find the septum piercing attractive at all. But that’s just my opinion. Just wondering what you find unattractive. The most attractive facial piercing I would say, is the nostril. When I mean nostril, I mean just a stud. Rings…not too much. But some can pull it off.

How bad does the skin scar after removing a facial piercing?

I would really like to get my monroe pierced, but I know a few years from now I’ll probably want to take it out and I don’t want there to be a very noticeable scar on my face for the rest of my life. Can anyone tell me how bad their skin scarred after removing [...]

What are the odds a facial piercing will grow out?

I’m considering getting my sideburn pierced and possibly my lip later, but i just read that apparently, even with the jewelry in the piercing, a facial piercing can grow out. What are the chances this will happen? Is there any way to know before hand whether or not it would grow out our stay in?

What facial piercing do you consider to be the most sexy and flattering?

I’m looking to get a facial piercing that is very exotic and sexy, but I have a very natural and soft face…what piercing do you think will make me look sexy and edgy but innocent at the same time?

How much does a high ear piercing hurt?

I am thinking about piercing the rim of my ear which is basically a high ear piercing. I have an EXTREMELY low tolerance for pain. I am wondering how much does it hurt? Is it worth it? Thx! I am not talking about the curved part, but the part by/under it. Thx!

How to get rid of ear piercing scar?

I pierced my left ear twice, both times trying hit the same target, both times missed. Now I have to spots that look like piercing right on top of each other but they are not opened on the back. Any way to fill in these spots? Will it work if I go to a dermatologist [...]

How do you know if your ear piercing is fully healed?

I got my ear pierced 6 weeks ago and i was thinking about switching to dangle earrings now (not too heavy) but im sorta afraid. My right ear piercing HAS bled 3 times and its seems fine now but i dont know for sure. Is there a way i can tell my ear piercings are [...]

Can anone recommend a really cool ear piercing other than cartilage and tragus?

I’ve already got two in each lobe and 3 in my cartilage but i keep chickening out on the tragus piercing…Can anyone recommend another ear piercing that looks good?

Should I start my ear piercing off at 12g?

I’m planning on buying sterilized piercing needles, a clamp, etc. but the main question is, should my ear be pierced at 12g? It was pierced at 16g about 6-7 months ago, but I took my earring out and let it heal up. Would it be okay to start right off at 12g?