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What is the most painful ear piercing? Would i be able to deal with rook pain?

I have 4 lobe piercings, 1 helix, an industrial, a tragus and a mid ear ear cartilage piercing. I was wondering which is most painful, the conch has to hurt alot and im thinking about getting a rook, if i already have these (they were cake, didnt hurt) would a rook give me any more [...]

How long does it take for an ear piercing to grow back?

My school is strict on earring, and since I got my ears pierced I have to wear a plastic stud for 6 weeks. Since I got caught, i had take it out. How long does it take for an ear piercing to grow back? Could I take it out during school hours and put it [...]

What piercing should i get on my ear?

I got both my ears lobes pierced twice. Whats another ear piercing i could get that would look nice/match. =] i got gunned ear piercings, how is it bad (if it is) and are there other ways to pierce ur ears instead of gettin them gunned/by a needle?

Can a second ear piercing be harmful?

I have already got my ears pierced but I am planning to get a second ear piercing only for my left ear (I am a girl). However I have to attend a wedding next month, and I would like to get the second piercing done this time so I can have a whole month to [...]

Is an ear piercing gun the same as what a farmer uses to tag the ears of cattle?

Is a piercing gun used to pierce human ears the same as those things that farmers use to tag the ears of cattle.I honestly would say NO but my family who don’t even have pierced ears are over there comparing an ear piercing gun to this.

What should i get as my 3rd ear piercing?

I currently have my lobes double pierced on both ears. Im going to get another ear piercing, but im not sure what to get. What ear piercing looks the best in your opinion? i dont care if its a painful piercing, just whatever looks cool. i plan to get a right nosrtil piercing soon. Any [...]

How can I remove my piercing from an infected and swollen ear?

My ear is totally infected from my ear piercing. I have a rubber back on it, but my ear is so swollen that it is completely covering the back and I cannot see the rubber back. Puss is leaking from my ear and my ear is throbbing and causing me a lot of pain. I [...]

What is the best way to hide your ear piercing from your mom?

I’m wanting to get my ears pierced but my mom says I can’t. Maybe because my older sister got an infection in her ear from her ear piercing. I have cornrows so my hair won’t cover it but she would probably notice the holes in my ears when we have dinner or something. Also if [...]

Can a Tragus ear piercing really affect your eating habits or metabolism?

Hello guys I have had this Tragus ear piercing for 4-5 months for now, and i love it . But i am really skinny and am desperate to gain weight. So a chinesologist told me this thing about that the tragus ear piercing would affect my eating habits or something? (because of the place tragus’s [...]

How can I fix my right ear from uneven piercing?

I got my ears pierced over the summer. I’ve followed most of the rules to taking care of newly pierced ears. However I had a dance concert two weeks after I got my ears pierced and was required to wear a different pair of earrings. Everything seemed fine at first, but my left ear seemed [...]