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What ear piercing i should get later on?

I planning getting an ear piercing when I turn 16. I am not planning on getting a regular cartilage because some ppl I know has that already. I wanna get something different. What do you think?

How long after getting an ear piercing can you go swimming again?

OK so I’m planning on getting a anti-helix and sung on my left ear and a rook piercing on my right and this summer I’m baby sitting my cousins and I”m going to have to take them to the pool so theres a chance that I might get the piercings wet. So my question is [...]

Does getting your ear pierced with a needle hurt more than getting it done with a piercing gun?

I keep hearing that getting your ear pierced by a professional with a needle is better than getting in done with a piercing gun at, say, Piercing Pagoda. But I’ve seen videos of people getting their ears pierced with both techniques. It seems like it hurts less with a piercing gun than it does with [...]

What ear piercing would look good with an industrial?

I have an industrial and I’ve been wanting to get another ear piercing on the same ear. Would i be able to get any without it looking too clustered? I also have three lobes but i can just take them out.

How good is ear piercing at piercing pagoda?

I wanted to know from people who have gotten their ear lobes pierced at piercing pagoda if it’s a good place to have it done. I was also wondering about the price of everything. I know that the ear piercing is free with purchase of ear piercing earrings, but how much do those cost?


what kinda persons do that, because i was thinking to get my left ear-pierced.

!~.!~.!~.!EaR pIeRcInG!~.!~.!~.!?

Does anyone know the best place to get your ear lobe pierced for the first time at 16? An what could cause ear infection? Thanks in advance x

ear Piercing ?!?

i want to get my left cartilage pierced because my old one filled in. I got my first one done at claires, but Claires no longer does ear piercing (something to do with being sued) and my mom doesn’t feel comfortable bringing me to a tattoo/piercing parlor to get it done -__-. Does anybody know [...]

ear piercing?

Where can I find instructions on how to pierce an Earlobe? In simple English I mean the most common type of ear piercing, the. I a m primarily looking for a step-by-step instruction video. I basically mean instructions that teach you on how to become a professional.

How long after an industrial piercing should I wait to pierce my naval?

How long after getting an industrial piercing should I wait to get a belly button piercing? I know my body needs time to accept the first piercing and everything, but about how long would you say I should wait?