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How long does a conch piercing take to grow over?

I got my conch pierced about a month ago, yesterday at camp it came out when I flipped tubing and was bleeding a lot. Im home now and im going to go to the piercing saloon I got it pierced at and see if he can put the jewelry back in. Do you think it [...]

What piercing would look good with a septum?

I have had my septum pierced for 4 months now and i am thinking of getting another piercing. What should I get?

How much does a lip piercing hurt compared to a tragus piercing?

I have my tragus pierced, and i want to get my lip pierced, im just wondering how much the lip piercing hurts compared to the tragus.

What kind of piercing retainer should I use to best hide an Earl/Bridge piercing?

A week ago I got my bridge pierced and I start school again in another week. I was hoping to get a retainer or something to hide the piercing because we’re not allowed to have facial piercings at school. What kind of retainer–size, length etc–should I use?

What kind of lip piercing would match up with a tongue piercing?

I want to get a Monroe piercing and get my tongue pierced, but I think it wouldn’t match good together. I know it may sound weird to have your piercings coordinate, but that’s just me Are there any other lip piercings out there that would go well with a tongue piercing? Thanks!

How can you stop a nose piercing from closing?

I had my nose pierced about two months ago. My summer job doesn’t allow me to have facial piercings, and will also require me to work 8-12 hours shifts, 5 days a week. A few weeks ago, I knocked the piercing out while showering and had to replace the ring. In the 5 hours I [...]

How long after a cartilage piercing should you start to clean it?

I got my cartilage pierced today (12th Aug) and i’ve read the aftercare guide for lobe piercings and it says not to touch or clean the piercing for the first 36 hours. Does this apply to cartilage piercings aswell? And some people have been saying not to turn the ear ring but when i got [...]


im getting my ear industrally pierced so any advice on what to be prepared for?? does it hurt scale 1-10 10 bieng worst ohh and how much did u pay for it ? thanxs im scared ahhhhhhhhhhhh


I just got my left eyebrow pierced horizontally and i REALLY need some answers on migration: fist of all, Do all eyebrow piercings migrate?, i have a silicone barbell, will this eliminate the chance of migration??, and if migration does always occur, after how long does this happen?? Finally, what is the chance of migration [...]


how old do you have to be to get a nape piercing?