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will a hip piercing reject if u put a tongue ring in it instead of a ring ur supposed to use fer hip piercings?

i heard that if u put a tongue ring in a hip piercing its inevitably going to reject because a tongue ring is straight. is that tru?

What is the right age to start waxing eyebrows? Plus ear piercing? Does it hurt really that bad?

Im 13, but I have really hairy eyebrows, I talked to my grandma and she said absolutely yes and that she wants me to get my ears pierced :/. So, when I go to the salon what should I tell them about my eyebrows like what shape? I have no idea. and ear piercing? Does [...]

Why do guys like girls with tongue rings so much ?

I got my tongue peirced almost a week ago and I love it , but I got it for decoration . Guys ask me about it all the time , I just don’t understand the facination . Does it make girls more attractive , or do guys like it because it makes the girl look [...]

What is the rudest thing you’ve ever been witness to or heard of?

I saw a show about a mother who decided to keep her child as a hermaphrodite and opted out of having a surgery that would decide the gender for her child. The doctor ridiculed her for it, insisted that it must be done, but she refused to give in. Then, during an unrelated surgery, that [...]

Is This Normal For A Tounge Piercing To Be Doing?

I Just Got My Tounge Pierced On Firday And It Been 3 Days Now. Today When I Woke Up There Was A Redish Bownish Blob Coming Out Of The Hole. Is That Normal To Happen, Or Is It A Sign That Its Infected? Please Help! =)

Who else agrees with this theory…pain and death are simply illusions.?

Suppose if you were to focus your body, mind and spirit on doing a single, yet potentially fatal thing, such as a front line of a war. Bullets rip through you and pierce vital organs, if you truly ignore it, then you will not feel pain, nor will you die. In other words if you [...]

What facial piercings should I get?

I am getting snake bites (piercing on each side of the bottom lip) and I was going to get an eyebrow piercing, but I have been told I will look like a butch lesbian. Any ideas what I should get done? Not the septum though, I will get kicked out of my house if i [...]