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Do women regard male genital piercings as inherently ‘unhygenic’? What is it women think? Women only thanks.

I have a Prince Albert piercing,. when I tell sexually interested women I have one, they rarely respond back to me again,.. what is it that they’re worried about? Supposed lack of hygeine? The ring could do damage to them? The sensations being too wierd? What? Any other reasons/worries welcome for discussion. Thanks!

Hip piercing: dermals or surface?

Getting my hips done for the summer. Would like advice/stories from piercers and people who have their hips done with either, dermals i know scar alot less, but do they even stay in very well in your hips? Dont like the sound of removing them either, sounds painful lol. Which ones do people think look [...]

Where should i get pierced?

I want a piercing that no one else has. Really indiviual. Can i have some ideas of random places on the body to get pierced. Btw my genitals isn’t random tonnes of people have that done. So don’t suggest it. Come up with something really random, the most random will get best answer (obviously) I [...]

have you noticed alot of this years AUSSIE BIGGEST LOSER contestants have facial piercings?

nearly one member outta each couple has a facial piercing either lip or eyebrow, did u notice this?, i think alot of aussies are pierced these days, cos its common on the show,,lol

Guys opinion on tongue rings?

I have my tongue pierced and i’m thinking about taking it out, I didn’t get it done for any sexual reasons, my friend dared me to, but i was just wondering what guys think about girls that have tongue rings? also, if you’ve ever been with a girl with a tongue ring, does it make [...]

Pierced my tongue last year, is it just the surface that has been already closed?

I’ve pierced my tongue about a year ago, and I’ve taken it out last yr due to school, do you think that it is just the surface that is closed? Like inside the tongue the hole is still there? I really want the hole back! If I re-pierce, would it hurt? The first time I [...]

With a labret, what do you think: Medusa piercing or Nose ring (girl asking)?

I’m in the punky, rocker type trend. Saying that I mean style wise: i’m not a f*ggot that labels or trys hard. The only facial piercing I have is a labret and i’m getting my tongue done definatly. What would look better? A medusa piercing with the labret or a nose ring? Btw, the preachers [...]

Why did my ear start eating my ear ring?

I got my ears pierced when i was young and everything was fine and had no problems. I decided that a good few years after that i get a second lot done just above them, i went with a friend to place near by which she picked because she wanted the same as me done. [...]

Can I get a permanent retainer if…?

(Skip to the bottom for short version of answer) I have a tongue ring? My orthodontist was very against me having my tongue pierced because of the inherent oral damage that comes along with having one… He reprimands me almost every time I go in for an appointment… I have THEEEE worst memory/ attention span [...]

Genital piercings? yeah… down there?

Everyone please be mature, and im sure someone will ask, so a frenum is a piercing on the shaft of the dick. I’ve done all my research. I’m pretty set on getting one, and not a PA. The only thing I couldn’t find much info on: Is how much does this improve sex for my [...]