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Do tongue piercings really make oral sex that much better?

I do not have a tongue piercing now have I been on the receiving end of someone who has. Is it really that much better or is it a myth? nor have I*

Does anyone have a summary of “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allen Poe?

Has anyone ever written or know of a good summary to this story? I;m fifteen, and I have to write one, but I need some guidance because I do not fully understand story. P.S I’m not trying to make you do my homework for me, I just need help mainly understanding the story

How safe is a tongue piercing?

I need to know… lol…

Do you think I should get a double ear piercing?

I really want a double ear piercing for my l eleventh birthday because I think it’s really cute. Thoughts?

What looks better on a female?

Either an eyebrow piercing barbell or ring http://tattoo.about.com/library/graphics/buggeye.jpg or lip piercing ring http://www.inklined.ca/images/canada-tattoo/lip-piercing-350.jpg i was just wondering. i’m gunna get one or the other and i was just wondering what ppl thought. i dont care witch kind of ring. you choose. as long as you give a reason why you chose the one you did. [...]

How old do you have to be to get a sternum piercing?

Once summer is over i want to get a micro dermal sternum piercing. Ill be 16. I think my piercer is pretty lenient about the whole age thing. Technically i was supposed to be 16 to get anything pierced at a piercing parlor anywhere in my state i think, but since im all most 16 [...]

My mom is pressuring to have a boyfriend and I don’t want to!? What should I do?

Me and this guy friend that my mom is obsessed with wants me to go out with him bad. My mom flirts with him through texting pretending to be me like all the time. She is forcing me to go to the prom with him and to invite him to the next family function. She [...]

Oral Piercing Corrosion?

I’ve been looking into getting an oral piercing, (whatever, they’re gross, unsanitary, blahblah). I have a metal filling in my mouth. If I get an oral piercing, I would have two dissimilar metals in an electrolyte solution (saliva.) Am I correct in believing that, since steel is pretty stable, my tooth filling would be corroded? [...]

How long do i have to keep cleaning my nose piercing?

I have a nose piercing and i clean it twice a day. How long do i have to keep doing this?