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Can you take out facial piercings?

I’m thinking of getting a facial piercing, but are they removable? I am in orchestra, so during that school period I wanted to take them out. Is this possible?

Pubic piercing?

For a long time I’ve really wanted a pubic piercing. For those that don’t know, (for a guy) it’s a piercing in the pubic region above the genitals, not on the actual penis or scrotum. I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while but I was wondering first off if anyone thinks that it’s [...]

How Pure are you, and survey?

1.Have you ever gone on a date? 2.Have you ever held hands? 3.Have you ever kissed someone? 4.What about French kiss? 5.Have you ever had oral sex? 6.Have you ever had sex? 7.Have you ever skinny dipped? 8.Have you ever seen a porno movie, magazine or website? 9.Have you ever drank alcohol? 10.Have you ever [...]

HIP PIERCING!!! What sizes do you recommend for the surface barbell?

OKay…Long story short> im 15 & piercing my hip soon(by myself no matter what anyone says! but im wondering what would be the best size for the surface barbell………i already decided on 14 gauge. Problem is I dont want my dad to see it so im thinking a 5/8 of an inch or even 1inch [...]

would i look bad with a lip ring? and what other facial piercing could i pull off?

http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs434.ash1/23988_349239550959_757070959_4730377_7752503_n.jpg haha yeah that was a dumb move on my part. http://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs163.snc3/19040_279809640959_757070959_4431908_8091307_n.jpg

What do you think this dream means?

It starts off me working in a supermarket, and then i find a blanket put all my belongings beside it and go to sleep, i then wake up in the same supermarket but everything was different and no one noticed me. I then went home and realized it was 2012 and i had missed out [...]

uh oh sore throat serious answers please?

This is going to sound really gross…but im starting to get a bit nervous because my guy friend perfomed oral on me on saturday and on monday i seen him he said he wasnt feeling too good throat was sore head hurt even though on sat i kinda remember him sneezing or saying something about [...]

The most hidden piercing?

I want to get a piercing, but it has to be hidden because im not allowed for school. Nothing like nipples and genitals. something more normal but that i can easily hide. Ive been thinking Septum, but i want to know what my other options would be. Thank you

What is the point of a hafada piercing?

A hafada piercing is a piercing that only goes through the surface skin of the scrotum. Why would someone do this? If for the look who is going to see it? Is there some other reason why someone would get this?