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What rules do you have for how your kids dress?

Including piercings, tattoos, hair, makeup, etc.

what does it mean if you give a guy oral and he cums?

Well im a freshman and I gave this senior i like head on friday and he cumed in my mouth..I was wondering if guys cum when they are happy or what? Im a little confused.Does it mean you did a good job if a guy cumed?

My navel piercing has a white circle around it?

I got it done about 3 werks ago and it has a white circle around the piercing? Is it normal

Do Sagittarius and Aquarius argue a lot?

I’m a Aquarius girl, well me and my Sagittarius have been arguing a lot for the past month, but we get back together like nothing has ever happened. How do i fix this or is this normal? :/

How do you know if your ear piercing is infected?

I think my ear piercing is infected. It’s red and swollen. Also, it bleeds and after i take a shower, yellow stuff comes out sometimes i got my ears pierced July 2nd so its been like 2 months, i clean them twice a day oh and once in a while it starts to hurt A [...]

Is it safe to wear plastic nose jewelry in a new piercing?

I want to get a nose piercing but I will have to have it concealed until it is done healing. I will need a clear piercing. Those are plastic usually, aren’t they? Is there a stainless steel clear piercing? (Keep in mind that this piercing will be an L-bar or a screw to keep it [...]

What would look good with a septum piercing?

Okay, I basically have my septum pierced and the right side of my lip pierced. I’m using the studded ball instead of the ring for my lip and the ring for my septum. I recently got it done by the way. My question is what other piercings would look good with a septum piercing?

Why does my tongue piercing hurt after changing it?

I got my tongue pierced two months ago and I have recently started changing it. My jewlery is good quality and bought from a reputable jewler, pure surgical steel. The piercing healed wonderfully and it felt fine when I changed my tongue ring the first time. This morning I cleaned it and then changed the [...]

Just got tongue piercing. Anyone have good aftercare suggestions?

I got my tongue pierced about an hour or 2 ago and I wanted to know of any things that can help with the healing. Also I would love some tips to help with it. Thanks a lot

Can someone tell me everything I need to know about getting my tongue pierced???

Because I want to get it done, but want to know everything about it, before I get it done, so could you please fill me in on the piercing??? How long does the swelling last? When will i be able to talk like normal again? Would 11 days be long enough for the swelling to [...]