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How old do I have to be to get my ears pierced without a parent?

My cousin is scared of getting her ears pierced, so I was going to go and get mine done again (moral support). My aunt said she would take the both of us to get it done. Now I’m wondering if my mom has to be there to sign something. BTW we plan on just going [...]

It seems like my ear piercing never healed?

My dad peirced my ears (second hole) with the little ear piercing guns you get at an earring store or something 4 years ago and it’s always a little painful to wear earrings in th second hole. I’ve let them partially close before (because it always bothered me to wear them) and then I would [...]

is it dangerous to have a body tattoo & piericing on your private area?

i was wondering that all because my crazy friend got her done. .

How long can i donate blood after a lip piercing?

Im a teenage male who is planning to have a lip piercing but i dont want to be unable to donate blood

Can you get your naval re-pierced if theres a scar from a previous piercing?

I had my naval pierced about a year ago but the ring surfaced and I had to take it out… can I get it re-pierced?

Where to get my lip pierced?

I want to get my lip pierced but everywhere I looked you have to be 16 with your parents signature no younger and I am 14 and my parents will be with me does anyone know where I can get my lip pierced in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Or can someone tell me what I need, where [...]

Why are so many people against piercings?

I never understood people’s hate towards them. But then again, I’m an extreme piercing/body mod enthusiast, so yeah. But anyways, what makes them so unappealing to you? To me, they’re just a way to express yourself. Y’know, we were given this body, so we should be able to do what we want with it, to [...]

How to make a salt solution?

I want to do salt water soaks for my fresh industrial. How much salt do I mix with how much water? and should i apply with paper towel or hold my ear in and let it soak?

How badly would all these piercings hurt?

I want a corset piercing so badly. I just find them damn sexy. Of course, I’d have to lose a few pounds to look good with it, but that’s easy, its just a few pounds. I have other body piercings, but they were relatively painless. I would imagine that these piercings would be very painful, [...]

How is female circumcision possible?

You can’t “circumcise” a female. Clitorises don’t have foreskins. You can only cut the entire thing off and possibly ruin her life.