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Danger from lunar meteor impact secondary particles?

This NASA site http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/21may_100explosions.htm?list189652 which displays data on over 100 observed meteor impacts on the Moon seems to demonstrate a danger from high speed secondary particles to anyone on the lunar surface. Any thoughts?

What is the piercing called, under your tongue?

I have seen several people on youtube with a piercing under their tongue. In most of the videos, the people said they pierced it themselves. I was just wondering what it is called? What are the risk of getting it done? & can I get this done at a Piercing/Tattoo Shop?

Does anyone know any good death,black,or grunge metal bands?

I don’t mind what country.Mostly I’m looking for ones from Germany,Norway,Japan,America,Romania…or any others that you think I would enjoy.Thanks!

What can I do with the ear piercing that went wrong?

My 5 months old daughter just has her ears pierced. Everything would be perfect but on one ear the earring is in different place, just slightly but you can see the difference. What should I do, should I just take them off and wait few month to do it again?

hey i wantd to knw my friend has an STD he has genital herpes but he wants to get a tongue ring is tat bad?

wat would happen if he got a tongue ring n had genital herpes does or can tat affect the tongue ring??

If you have a lip piercing can you put on makeup without infecting the piercing?

I’m thinking about getting my lip pierced but I do sometimes get acne and wear makeup to hide it. Will putting on foundation or powder affect the piercing negatively, especially when it’s healing? Also how often are gum and tooth damage present with a lip piercing? Thanks!

Can an x-ray see a hole in your tongue?

I getting my tongue pierced on tuesday and then I have to go to a dentist appointment to take of my braces on the 22nd. MY parent don’t know. I know they are going to take x-ray pictures. I am going to take out the bar and leave it for 10 miuntes it isn’t gonna [...]

How Do You Split Your Own Tongue?!?!?

OK so I was on youtube looking up split tongue tricks and i was wondering how DO you spit your on tongue. And why do people so that?

How to convince your mom to let you get your ears pierced?

I really want my ears pierced, and she’s not too against it. Her main argument is that i might regret it when im older, and its permanent. But you can let them close right? Its just a small hole in the first place, not like its a tattoo or something thats hard to get rid [...]